Antonín Malý


4/5/1950 Prague.

Since graduating from FAMU in 1973, he has been working as

freelance photographer-artist.

He devoted himself to advertising and promotional photography, in his freelance work mainly landscape black-and-white photography, later in series he created temporal and spatial photographic series.

He colors the black-and-white photograph by hand, later using American retouching - it is created for this work

Czech name "maláž".

In the 1990s, he collaborated with various advertising agencies, he also began to focus on applied graphics, and combined his photographic work with graphics.

Originally random "photography" of dogs becomes almost the main artistic activity - probably the most successful black and white photography "EDA" to this day - the Basset dog circulates in the library around the world as a postcard or poster.

He regularly participates in various exhibitions, he regularly sends Czech Press Photo classic dog-themed photographs, and in 2003 and 2006 he received a special jury prize.

In 2005, he received the prestigious QEP (Quafied European Photographer ) certificate .

Recently, he has been focusing mainly on digital processing of photographic images, both commercially and in his freelance work.

He has exhibited in many galleries in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Isabela Wallo


MVDr. 4/8/1962self-taught, graduated veterinarian (VŠV Brno, 1980-1985). After more than 15 years of private practice in the field, in 2001 she completed the Course of Contemporary Fine Art at the Ad Astra Gallery, Kuřim Chateau with a certificate and in 2004 the course Michael's Art Evening School was built in Brno. (She thus continued her lifelong interest from childhood as an integral part of her personality). In 2005, it opened its first solo exhibition and at the same time illustrated 12 textbooks for asylum seekers within the project of education and integration under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Since then, he has participated in a number of joint and individual exhibitions and cultural events (Atelier Open Brno, Magma sro) or the annual DOA project (Days of Open Studios Brno - South Moravia in the framework of cultural cooperation with the EU). Occasionally she led hobby art courses for the public,he also collaborates artistically with the French theater ECHO at the Faculty of Education MU. Together with a fellow sculptor, they founded the Luna Luna studio, focused on the design of original interiors. He devotes himself to his own free creation and creation to order - oil painting and drawing of animals, portraits of people and (breeding) animals, abstraction, etc. techniques - line drawing, illustration, painting on glass, etc.

Jiří Netík

sculptor and carver

He belongs to the extraordinary artistic personalities of the turn of the 20th and 21st century. In his work, he can unrepeatably respect and admire the carving craft and, through it, the wood as such. To his monumentality and patience to endure the touches of the human hand, to his peace and awareness of the view over us, the earthlings. He sees in him what our ancestors - ordinary lumberjacks and masters of high art - honored in wood - his unquestionable connection between Earth and heaven. This is clearly the master's path to the impulses of creation - on the one hand, a solid material grounding, on the other hand, the ability to bring robust matter into a fragile spiritual dimension. The thematic support of Netík's work are the eternal themes of the Bible, human destinies and properties, symbols. Among folk artists he is classified as a nativity scene artist, among artists as a mystic. Both are true, but both bring their work high above the mundane.

Born in Brno in 1953, he became a musician, later a restorer and a carver. In its artistic expression, it draws on the traditions of masters of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, but as a result it is purely modern and its own, while preserving all the qualities of an honest craftsman and artist.

In the last quarter of a century, he has been fully dedicated to exhibition activities. Since 1982 he has exhibited his work in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Finland and elsewhere. In his smaller, perhaps even relaxing work, he does not forget his original profession as a musician by carving master heads for violin workshops, as well as from time to time he replaces the weight and robustness of wood with the translucent and fragile beauty of glass. The integrity of Master Netík's personality is also in his personal definition. He complements his exhibitions with great, content-wise sculptural work by his wife Martina.

(PhDr. Jiřina Langhammerová - commissioner of the exhibition at the National Museum in Prague 2006)

Last important solo exhibitions:

2019/20 Vienna, Embassy of the Czech Republic (Austria)

2019 Regensburg, Galerie Donau-Einkaufszentrum (Germany)

2018 Brno, Hotel Voroněž

2017 Žďár nad Sázavou, Old Town Hall Gallery

2016/2017 New Town Hall, Brno

2016 Primmersdorf - castle (Austria)

2015 Brno, Brno City Theater, OC Vaňkovka

2014 Dresden (Germany), Otrokovice City Museum

2013 Paris - Notre Dame (France), Brno - Bolek Polívka Theater

2012 Brno - Airport, Primmersdorf Castle (Austria)

2011 Terezín Memorial, Small Fortress

2010 Prostějov, Museum of the Prostějov Region

Jindřichův Hradec, Jindřichův Hradec Museum

Mikulov, Regional Museum

Rajhrad, Museum of the Brno Region, Memorial of Literature in Moravia

2009 Pantheon - Rome, (Italy)

Fratres, Museum Humanum, (Austria)

Brno, Auto Palace

2008 Aix en Provence - Musée des Tapiseries, (France)

2007 Utrecht - Dome, (Netherlands)

Primmersdorf Castle, (Austria)

Brno, Křížová chodba Nové radnice

2006 Bergamo City Hall, (Italy)

Prague, National Museum - Musaion

Prostějov, Museum of the Prostějov Region

2005 Brno, Moravian Museum, Palace of Noblewomen

2003 Linz, Carmelite Monastery (Austria)

Vienna, General Directorate Allianz (Austria)

Prague, Bredovský dvůr, Skanska General Directorate

Jihlava, Gustav Mahler House

2002 Brno, Besední dům

Wengen, Hotel Regina, (Switzerland)

2000 Prague, Radio Free Europe

Last important joint exhibitions:

2019 Florence, Palazzo Medici (Italy)

2017 Florence, Florence Biennale (Italy)

2012 Stuttgart (Germany)

2008 Roquebrune-sur-Argens (France - Provence), international sculpture exhibition

2008/2009 Salerno / Giffoni, International Exhibition of Nativity Scenes, (Italy)

2006 Prague, Wallenstein Palace: Šenov glass

Vienna, Lobmayer Museum, (Austria)

2005 Prague, Gambit Gallery

2002 Brno, New Town Hall

2000 Brno, Old Town Hall

Last significant realizations:

2019 "Angel" - bronze statue in the city park in Brno Líšeň

2013 "Archer" - a bronze statue in the area in front of the town hall in Brno Líšeň

2012 "Crutch" for the Bishop of Brno, "St. Dominic" - a gift on the occasion of the appointment of Archbishop Dominic Duka as a cardinal

2011 "Gemini" - a gift from the President of the South Moravian Region to President Václav Klaus

2010 "Audience at the Emperor" - relief donated by the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic to President Václav Klaus

2009 " St. Wenceslas " - a statue dedicated as a gift from the Governor of the South Moravian Region M. Hašek

Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Brno

"Bethlehem" - a personal gift to Pope Benedict XVI at the General Audience in the Vatican

2008 "Corpus Corp" in life size - for the Salesians of Don Bosco in Brno -


"St. Don Bosco" in life size - for the Salesians of Don Bosco in Brno- Žabovřesky

2007 "Moravia" - a gift from the Governor of the South Moravian Region to Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein

2006 "Treasure" - Greillenstein Castle / Austria /

2005 "Bethlehem" - private collection of Cologne Cardinal J. Meisner

"Ekumenia" - carving design for artistically cut glass by Lobmeyr (Vienna, Austria)

"Monument to the Slavonic Jewish Community" , a former synagogue in Slavonice

2001 "Castle of the Soul" - sculptural object for the Carmelite monastery in Linz (Austria)

"Dance of Life, Dance of Death" - design for Lobmeyr cut art glass

(Vienna, Austria)

Participation in symposia:

2019 World Wood Day in Graz (Austria)

2018 World Wood Day in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat, Cambodia) - international carving symposium

2010 International Sculpture Symposium in Mugla (Turkey)

2007 5th International Sculpture Symposium in Caerleon (Great Britain - Wales)

2006 1st International Art Symposium - Atelier an der Donau (Poechlarn), Austria

Significant awards:

2017 bronze plaque "Lorenzo Il Magnifico" for 3rd place in the sculpture category at the Florence Biennale

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 Brno Top 100 Award

2007 Award of the South Moravian Region for contribution in the field of fine arts

Included in the publications: "Who is who in the Czech Republic" since 1994/95

"Oxford Encyclopedia Ltd" 2015

Info: , ,

Movies: "Pajduláci J. Netíka" (1990-directed by Křižan), "I Stand by the Door and the Beat" (1992-directed by Tesáček), "Wood and the Soul of Jiří Netík" (2016-ČT-directed by Vondrák)

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Alberto Gedeón Soto



He was born in Lima in 1976. He received his first art education at the Our Lady of Guadalupe National School. Here he also won an art competition and received a scholarship to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Peru, where he began his professional career 1994-2001. For the first two years he devoted himself first to painting, then specializing in sculpture. From 2002-2004 he also worked as a teacher at the school and the Institute in Lima.

It primarily depicts naturalism in its entirety. He paints on canvas and wood, both oil and acrylic paints. As a sculptor, he mainly works on marble, all kinds of stone and also wood. He has exhibited as a guest in many galleries in Lima.

In 2006 he traveled to Europe. He lived in Tenerife (Canary Islands) for five years, where he worked as a sculptor and left many of his works. He also created several of his sculptures in Belgium, Germany / Cologne / and Romania.

Alberto Gedeón Soto now works in the Czech Republic / Brno /. In 2013, he had his first exhibition at the Grand Hotel.

2017 was selected in FIGURATIVAS 2017 organized by MEAM, where his work was exhibited and published in the catalog of that year Alberto Gedeón Soto FIGURATIVAS 20017

Participation in various symposia of marble sculpture in Crete in Greece and Biga-Turquia in 2018, Pescia-Italy and Crimea

Helena Řezníčková (nee Žáčková)
 She was born in Bruntál in 1961. She lives in Brno, where she studied industrial engineering. Since 1978, she has been intensively involved in fashion design. She presented her work at fashion shows and competitions (eg Zenit Brno, Liberec, Banská Bystrica, Dětská moda Lužánky Brno) From 10.6.1988 - Independent art show at the University Club in Brno. She created costumes for amateur films by Petr Hvižda and was a guest as a costume designer for the performance of Hadivadlo. 1984 begins to take photos. Prefers the document. Since 1990, he has definitely abandoned clothing and started working in ceramics. He has been working on the design of utility ceramics for ten years. At that time, he also began to focus on jewelry. Combines ceramics with glass. After 1999, he gradually discovered the magic of drawing, trying oil painting, painting on silk, line drawing, combined techniques. However, she prefers to use a pencil, and her simple abbreviation is characteristic of it. In 2005, he returned to work with jewelry and this time he chose only glass. He uses the knowledge of working with a ceramic kiln and therefore chooses the technique of fusing (glass sintering). They learn Tiffany's stained glass to connect the individual parts. She uses various types of glass, and her current favorite is dichronic glass. 1996 exhibition of photographs "Gypsies from Husovická" Brno 2000 photo exhibition "China" Prague 1994 exhibition "Ceramic Jewelery" Opava 2000 sales exhibition of pictures for children. Viva natura Brno 2000 exhibition of drawings. Vetus Via Brno publishing house 2001 exhibition "Communication" - Drawings. Luhačovice 2009 joint exhibition of paintings, LUNA-LUNA Mikulov, Dietrichstein Tomb 2010 exhibition of paintings, Vaňkovka, café Prague 2010 exhibition of paintings, gallery Plamínek, Radlas 2011 jewelry exhibition, Ve věži gallery, Blansko